Old World Italian Craft Designed for Today

Materials chosen for the floor, countertop, walls and shower are beautiful as well as functional for the environment, preventing common problems such as tiles that move, crack and/or chip; stains; dirt that can't be removed; misshapen spaces; and water damage.

Designs tailored for the room – such as customized frame in the shower – give the tile environment a personalized feel.

The marble countertop is polished underneath the edges as well as on the surface so that it's always smooth to the touch.

Detailing – such as the sink's curved ogee edge – give it an elegant shape and finished look, and the type of edge chosen for the vanity is also detailed inside the sink rim.

Overseeing design to installation to completion trouble shoots and ensures no corners are cut along the way, resulting in tiles that comply precisely with designs and are executed and installed in a way that will last the lifetime of the home.

Putting the bathroom design on paper first prevents problems in layout and installation.

Mechanical drawings given to the installer, plumber, builder and contractor assure that the designs work within the space so there are no problems with plumbing, and designs are not interrupted by outlets or plumbing fixtures.