Old World Italian Craft Designed for Today

Antonella Romano's approach to bringing old world Italian craft to the realities of modern day construction are an integral part of every aspect of her roster of services. They include:

A free design consultation and strategy session

in which Antonella helps the client come up with the concept for the designs, including color palette, material selection, and an initial job estimate.

An evaluation

of the lifestyle of the client and the environment the materials will be used in to help ensure that the materials chosen are optimum for both aesthetics and functionality.

Purchasing the materials

(taken from the client's retainer).

Visiting the site of the renovation

to review project details. This includes ensuring proper measurements of reconfigurations such as plumbing or vanities that are moved and areas in which old tile is replaced.

Visiting the site of new construction

to measure all the areas where stone and tile will be placed and to evaluate the design in context of the home.

Complimentary C.A.D. drawings

(or computer designed schematics) of the construction site which are given to the contractor and / or installer to help ensure a problem-free installation and save the client time and money. Grout colors for each space are also chosen, and a final estimate is given to the client.

A review of the first draft of preliminary drawings

which will be used by the contractor or installer to begin the installation of the stone and tile.

A layout with specifications

such as room divisions, plumbing placement, heights and sizes of tiles to help with the roughing for the plumbing and electrical.

Any necessary revisions

after the builder and client have reviewed the drawings, and ordering the tile after the quantities have been approved by the builder and installer and scheduling the delivery.

Meeting with the tile installer

on site to review designs and answer technical questions that may arise while the tile is installed.